Eligibility for inclusion of certifications in the DDCT (starting January 1, 2024)

ANCC has announced a new policy regarding the eligibility for inclusion of certification in the DDCT (starting January 1, 2024). Click here to view the new policy.

NEW DDCT FAQs! (updated May 2021)

Visit this link to access the newest DDCT FAQs: https://www.magnetlearningcommunity.org/viewdocument/ddct-frequently-asked-questions-fa 

DDCT Date and Time Stamp displays in UTC format.

Please note that the date and time stamp on DDCT reports are displaying in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern StandardTime (EST) and 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Update on the "Staffed Beds" / "Number of Staffed Beds" statistic

  1. The “Number of Staffed Beds” summary number on the DDCT General Information screen is no longer an editable field (as of December 2018).
  2. That number/field is automatically calculated by the system and will be the SUM of the “Number of Staffed Beds” data entered by customers in their DEMOGRAPHIC ENTRY (Demographic Matrix) section of the DDCT via the “Utilization of Organization Services” question set.
  3. The “Number of Staffed Beds” that you enter per unit should be for “inpatient units” only.

Issue with "Load from a Previous Submission" function

In order to use the "Load from a Previous Submission" function within the DDCT, you must first create a new report via the "Add New Report" tab.

STEP 1 - ADD and SAVE a new, blank 'in progress' DDCT report.

STEP 2 - Use the "Load from a Previous Submission" function to import previous units, certifications, and/or data from a previous report into your new, blank report.

New MPD Users and new accounts

If your organization is using to this website for the first time, enter the Magnet Program Director's work email address, then select the "Forgot Password" link in the login box to establish your password for the DDCT.

XML Schema and Export

Use of the XML Schema requires that your organization acquire the services of an Information Technology professional with expert knowledge of Extensible Markup Language (XML) and a thorough understanding of your organization’s source data systems.

You can now export your most recently completed demographic report from the DDCT in XML format. From your Report Dashboard, select the down arrow to the right of the Review button for the report and select Download as XML. Once your XML expert updates the data, the XML file can be uploaded to the system with a single button click.  

Supported Browsers Include:

• Internet Explorer 9, 10, & 11
• Google Chrome
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera

DDCT Video Vignettes

Please see http://www.magnetlearningcommunity.org/magnet/forms-and-templates/ddct to access and view the nine DDCT training videos that cover the different steps of the Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDCT). The videos include instructions, tips, and best practices for completing your DDCT report.

Demographic Matrix Export

The far right "totals" column values for RN Turnover, RN Vacancy, and % RNs/LPNs/UAP are not currently accurate. These data points are accurate as displayed in the DDCT.